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Let’s talk about the eyesore air vent returns can be. I have three in very obvious areas of my home that stick out like a sore thumb. I wanted to replace them with a completely brass fixture, but my odd sized returns would cost a small fortune. I resorted to just painting the returns to make them blend in, until I discovered these Magnetic Air intake Custom Decorative Vent Covers.

They are completely customizable and handmade. Stellar Air decorative air intake covers are Magnetic and are made to replace the unattractive exhaust fan covers in your living space. The “snap in“ magnetic design allows vent covers to be easily installed without any drilling or headaches. You just have to remove your old ugly metal grill and snap in our Stellar Air vents.

The vent comes in a wood finish and I decided to use Antique Gold Rub & Buff on mine. You can order that here, it comes in a small tube but a little goes a long way.

I ordered the Moroccan design with the Inside layout, but many ore are available online:

3D Circular, Arabic, Floral, Industrial, Cubes, Oriental, Gemstone, Waves, Sunburst, Leaves.

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