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Every room needs a little randomness to pique interest once you step inside, even a bathroom. I think that is why I never really jumped on board the minimalistic runaway train. I can’t imagine walking into a room and not giving someone pause. NOW, with that being said let me be the first to say that I do not always get it “right,” I am still learning every single day. I am certain that when you walk into my guest bathroom you will take pause, and the room isn’t too “perfect.”

I started with a design board and I always grab inspiration from fellow Instagram accounts and Pinterest. I use a lot of brick, black (Black Magic by SW), and green in my designs for this home and wanted to carry that upstairs into the bathroom. This room is a weird angle and hard to photograph, so to help you get your bearings I’ll attach a layout.

Sticking to a budget removing the shower stall, existing tile floor, or a full gut job was out of the question. I started with trying to make the shower stall more built-in by adding penny round tile to the section of wall between the shower stall and ceiling. This pulls your eye upwards, making the shower seem larger than what it is.


After tiling and grouting the penny tiles, I changed my focus to resurfacing the shower with one of my favorite kits on the market. Bathworks is a company that started my professionally resurfacing showers/baths for hotels! (This stuff holds up…hint hint) There are a lot of kits out there that claim to resurface, but at the end of the day they don’t hold up. They also have an amazing support staff and can answer your questions from sinks, counter, to showers. I have a complete breakdown on this process on my Instagram saved in highlights under “Bathworks Details.”

Next step included painting the existing vanity. Like always I use Reclaimed Cottage tutorial steps to guide me through this process, and chose the color Colonial Revival Stone by SW. My hardware is from Battle Creek Hardware and I went with the same pieces I used in the guest bathroom for some symmetry between the spaces. Midwest Cup Pull and Paris Contemporary Knob.


These tiles are the real show stopper of this bathroom if you ask me. They are Porcelain glazed tile from Sanford, NC Factory Flooring & Design. I’ll place a link here for a online company, but just know you can call Factory Flooring & Design to order directly over the phone & have them shipped for cheaper. One good tip to know when using this tile is how hard it is to drill through the tile. You will need to purchase a diamond drill bit & still have patience when drilling.

Lastly to pull in the brick from the rest of the house I used more on this back wall of the bathroom. I chose to only brick in the exterior walls, just like it would be if the home had real brick. These a ceramic tiles, stamped to look like bricks, which make them easier to clean and doesn’t break the bank.


All products are linked in my LIKEtoKNOW.it

My advice is to figure out your quirks and embrace them. Your home doesn’t have to be minimalist because that is “what’s in.” Do what keeps your rooms interesting to YOU.

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