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We moved into our house this past December (2019) and I knew I had a job ahead of me. The house is beautiful and bones are great, however the (wallpaper, carpet, door knobs, faucets, & the list goes on) had not been changed since the house was built in 1991. I dove right in starting with flooring on the main floor, light fixtures, faucets, and door knobs. If you follow along in Instagram Stories you have probably seen most of the ups & downs. One room I kept skipping around was the master closet...why?! Well honestly, because NO ONE SEES IT!

The reality is I see it, and spend time in it every single day. As a person who feels better about themselves & their day when the space around them is organized I am not sure why I waited so long. This closet reveal is not about changing the space you are working with, but more so in how to organize what you have.

ALL RIGHT STOP. COLLABORATE & LISTEN! Raven is back with a brand new position... on closet organization. Seriously though I know I own a TON of shoes and this shall never change. Keep your standards, head, and heels high! So this is my messy closet with carpet from 1991 and a dumping ground for all of the things...ugh.

BRAIN DUMP: "What I would like to complete" --I recommend a game plan first.

  1. Remove Carpet with the souls of closets past trapped within it.

  2. Paint trim white & that random built out box in the corner too.

  3. Wallpaper top shelf with leftover Anthro. paper.

  4. Donate unwanted/unused clothing & shoes.

  5. Organize socks, the under roos, bras, and swimsuits.

  6. Solve air freshener quandary.

  7. Solve slouching boots issue.

I started by taking out everything in the closet, even if you don't plan on replacing the flooring in your closet, I beg you to still remove EVERYTHING. I believe it helps to really see HOW much you have and makes it much easier to let go of things you aren't using or don't work for you any longer.

We replaced the 1991 carpet with some extra flooring we had leftover from the pool house renovation in Georgia. I am using Charisma Plus Laminate Flooring 8mm + 2mm pad. (I prefer not to share any more on this product because I do not like the quality) Once the new flooring was down I grabbed the leftover Wallpaper I had from the dining room renovation and prayed to the heavens I had enough to finish the upper half.

Next, I tackled the trim which was a breeze because the space isn't huge. I used Sherwin Williams Origami White in High-Gloss that I had leftover from the dining room as well. I went with a high-gloss since the closet tends to get more scuffs from shoes and the shine will wipe away dirt easier.

At this point I have checked the major boxes off of my brain dump list, but now is the difficult part for me. Going through my clothes stresses me OUT! I have to separate the fact that "they are in great condition" from "it doesn't serve me any longer." I also wanted to be more organized when I placed my "keep" items back into the closet. I have linked the items I used, as well as some dupes for cheaper from amazon below -->


I used these simple organizers in roller bins to help separate my small items like: panties, bras, swim, socks...

Next Tip is about hanging your jeans...super easy method that only requires a hanger and keeps your jeans organized & displayed for easy access.

First: Slip your belt loops over the hook of the hanger.

Next: Place the "knee" of your jeans through the hanger.

Lastly: Fold over the lower portion of the hanger.

Boom! Beautiful displayed jeans!

While I have that picture of some beautiful booties fresh in your mind let's jump into how to get your boots to standup straight in your closet on the cheap! I have seen everyone use the pool noodles, but honestly I prefer this method. I picked up pipe insulation tubing from Lowes! You can also purchase a 4 pack from amazon (which is also linked above) I used 2 total in my closet. The piping insulation is very easy to cut, and I just used a pair of household scissors.

Next, I have my crazy amount of heels...beautiful-amazing-make my heart skip a beat heels. I doubled the amount of storage I have by adding a $2.00 curtain rod under each shelf! Check it out below! Just place the heels on the curtain rod and it will hang perfectly!

Lastly, and I think my personal favorite is the scent pods! I saved the little bags that Victoria's Secret used to give you when you bought a bra...it had the little extra straps in it?! Those worked perfect! However, if you don't have those I linked some little baggies from amazon! I just poured a little of my favorite scent into the bags and hung them around the closet and in my sock drawer.

ANDDDD that's all folks! I hope these tips and tricks helped you! I hope I inspired you to get off your rump and cleanup your closet!

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