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Throw on your purple backpack and sing it with me, WE DID IT!

(Dora The Explorer Reference)

The office is officially finished and I am thrilled with the finished product. Even with a couple mistakes, a few items not fitting, or something just not showing up on time everything really came together in the end.

Before we dive into the final photos, let’s take a look back at where we started this process eight short weeks ago.


Wallpaper ceiling for some drama

Clean white walls & trim

Create guest area & work area for myself

Build storage, but make it a focal point

For such a small space I’m truly shocked at how well everything came together. The nook is the perfect size for a Full Sized Bed, I have plenty of room for my rather large desk, still have enough space for a sitting chair, and of course the built-in bookshelf.


THRIFTED ITEMS – The desk and sitting chair were a Facebook Marketplace score. You do not have to spend a ton of money to have nicer things, you just have to work a little harder at finding it. I also thrifted a small table for in front of the window, however I haven’t painted it yet. The desk cost me a total of $125.00 and retails for around $4,000.00 brand new. The Ikea chair I purchased for $15.00 and is around $300ish brand new.

BUILT-IN BOOKCASE – The Ikea Billy Bookshelves worked out perfectly and I could not be happier with the color I picked. The color is called Borscht from Sherwin Williams, and is the deepest red. Perfect grounding point in the room and all my treasures have a home to be displayed in now.

WALLPAPER – One of my favorite parts of the room…my beautiful Diamante wallpaper from Hygge & West. This room has some crazy angles and instead of hiding that, I wanted to showcase it. This gold & navy paper did exactly that. It is heavy quality and absolutely beautiful, so a huge thank you to Hygge & West for their fast delivery and amazing communication.

CLOSET DOORS – The doors ended up being a pain and I needed a plan b, thankfully plan b turned out better than plan a! Sometimes DIY is funny like that. I love that the gloss black paint really brought out the texture of the paintable wallpaper. Paint color is Black Magic by Sherwin Williams.

ART WORK – First, I want to thank Artfully Walls for always showing up with the best art for my spaces. I also had once piece framed by them and I will never go back now. I have the beautiful Chrysanthemum by Linda Hunt on my bookcase and B+W #3 by Jill Sykes framed in Crackle Bead Wood with mat hanging in front of my desk. They mix in perfectly with my vintage pieces. If you have been around for a while, you know I have at least once piece of art from Artfully Walls in every single room of my home.

The office almost gives me an Alice in Wonderland vibe and I’m living for it. I’m so excited to have a space, my space, that I can come to and get away. I could walk into this room over and over again. That’s how you know you’ve nailed it, when you cannot stop looking at it.

You can find links for everything on my homepage through my Amazon Store Front and/or liketoknowit!

Thank you so much for following along on this eight week transformation! As always please message me with any questions on Instagram OR right here on the blog. Remember, it's just paint. Go check out all of the other amazing before & afters on ONEROOMCHALLENGE!

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