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Have I lost my mind? Yes, as one does when they slip a letter into a strangers’ mailbox offering to purchase their home that is not for sale, while also competing in a eight week marathon to renovate another space in their current home. I thrive in chaos what can I say! This challenge is for bloggers and designers of all “follower” counts to makeover any ONE room in only eight weeks!

Honestly eight weeks sounds like a dream to me because I tend to content bomb and nearly kill myself getting spaces done asap. I mean, we tiled the bedroom floor in four days, that still blows my mind! Be sure to pop on over to the ORC’s official website where you can find hundreds of guest participants, and follow along on their makeovers too! Some people get excited about the Nordstrom Anniversary sale, I get pumped for content upon content of DIYs lol!

Okay, enough with the chitchat WHAT ROOM ARE YOU DESIGNING!? With only a few rooms left in this house to design I had the choice between our on-suite bathroom, the sunroom, back deck, or the office! It felt like a no-brainer honestly, THE OFFICE, I need a place to work. Work as in type these long-winded blog posts, not tile or paint. The office is one of the coolest rooms in the house in my opinion. It has lower ceilings with very odd angles, little nooks that perfectly fit a full-sized bed, cedar closet for linens, and little tiny doors that lead to attic space (or a super cool kids’ hangout one day maybe?) So, let’s jump to the pictures!



When we first purchased the house, this room was very clearly used as an office with previous home owners for a couple of reasons.

1.) Only room with a lower profile carpet (for a computer chair) but it was baby blue. Ew.

2.) Wall outlets are desk height.

3.) Nail holes as far as the eye can see on the walls.

So, it makes sense that I keep it as that, but add a bit of my flare, aka Moody colors and way too many textures. Here is a list of my plans that are currently floating around in my head. Have you seen that episode of SpongeBob (Squilliam Returns Season 3 Episode Nm 48b) Where he is looking for his files in his brain to remember his own name and everything is on fire? Well, he eventually finds it, and I promise that is exactly how I think my brain operates. We eventually get it together, but a bunch of little Ravens are upstairs running around trying to find everything to put it on paper.



1.) Fill nail holes and paint the walls & trim work white. Thinking Alabaster by Sherwin Williams.

2.) Build built-in bookshelves to go long back wall (wall with entrance to room) these will be floor to ceiling.

3.) Wallpaper the ceiling – have I mentioned how excited I am for this part?!

4.) Replace boob light fixture with chandelier and actually center it in the room.

5.) Mount glass on wall to use as a white board.

6.) Source furniture from Facebook Market Place (I want this transformation to be realistic for the average DIYer AKA baby I’m broke too)

7.) Rug – We already installed new carpet, but I found a Athropologie Rug Dupe!

8.) Ordered Art from Artfully Walls, because I love them.

9.) Sew a new headboard for the full-sized bed.

10.) Either sew or source a slip cover for a wingback chair I found.

11.) New curtains.

12.) Turn bi-fold ugly closet doors into a mirrored closet with trim.

I believe this about wraps it up! Definitely not as wild of a to-do list as my typical rooms, but hey it’s an office and in great condition now that the carpet is brand spanking new! So, follow along for what I am sure will be a very exciting 8 weeks! Oh yeah here is the Design Board, but trust me she has already been tweaked a bit.

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