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Beer Refrigerator Refresh

Updated: Apr 1, 2020

Do you have that old white two door refrigerator hanging out in your garage? Most likely sporting a few dents or stains, and has definitely seen better days. Well friends I decided to give our ol' white "beer fridge" a new look, and the outcome was awesome! Follow along with me on this simple DIY & recreate the look at home!



Dixie Belle - Slick Stick Paint (16oz)

Valspar - Black Chalkboard Paint

Project Source Paint Brush (Any cheap paint brush will work)


STEP 1: Clean the refrigerator with any cleaner you have on hand. Ours was in really bad shape inside and out so I actually used bleach and water to clean EVERYTHING. I also put off painting the refrigerator for a few weeks and ended up stocking it full of soda and beer (thanks Coronavirus.) Regardless, I was able to paint the exterior without having to empty its contents.

STEP 2: Remove the vent from the bottom of your refrigerator, (It should just easily pop out) & set aside. You will need to spray paint this piece later. Remove the door handles if your refrigerator is in a location that you don't feel comfortable spray painting in. (Example: in main living area)

STEP 3: Using the cheap paint brush (I recommend this because slick stick paint doesn't wash off very well) coat the entire surface of the refrigerator. Any place that you will want the chalkboard paint to "stick" to the slick stick paint needs to cover first. Also don't worry about the refrigerator door seal! Although you are painting in that area it will not affect the closure and seal of the door. Allow Slick Stick to dry overnight.

STEP 4: Now that the slick stick has dried over night you are ready to spray paint the vent you removed, door handles, and the refrigerator door seal. I sprayed the vent outdoors due to the different angles I needed to spray in order to cover it completely. I did, however, spray the handles indoors and just used plastic on the floors to protect them. It does not matter if the spray paint gets on the refrigerator since you will be painting it black later. I also sprayed the refrigerator seal with the door closed. Immediately after I finished spraying the seal I opened the door and used a tension rod to hold the doors open. While this dried I also unplugged the refrigerator so my freezer would not continue to try to freeze and ruin the motor.

STEP 5: Using the mini roller kit apply the chalkboard paint. Chalkboard needs to be mixed throughly before application. Do not try to paint this on thick, it needs multiple coats and making it too thick to cut corners will not work. Allow paint to dry in between each coat. I ended up applying three coats total, all within 24 hours.

STEP 6: Once the refrigerator has dried for 24 hours you are ready for chalk! Enjoy the new look && creative artwork to come!

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