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Georgia Home Makeover

Ya’ll, the day has finally come, Aton of Love finally has a website. As I sat here wondering what the first blog post should cover it hit me, our first REAL home. The Georgia house has a special place in my heart. It was the first house I lived in that from start to finish I was able to make decisions on and really be creative. We officially put our mark on every single space in that house…& it only took four years haha! Finally had her right where I wanted her right before the Military instructed us we would be moving to North Carolina. That is the way life works right?! When you see the “before” listing photos of the house, I think you’ll be rather surprised! Enjoy!

We bought our single story outdated 80s home in 2015 & I have to admit that I loved it. I loved the dark paneling, the wallpaper, the gold door handles, the popcorn ceiling (with glitter), and the light fixtures that just got more and more outrageous. I loved it all, because it screamed POTENIAL to me. I love a house with great bones, that does not look like every other house on the street. Give me a older home over a brand new build every.single.day.

WARNING! Photos in this post of from listings and are not the BEST quality, so I apologize in advance for the quality, but let’s start the tour!


The house was painted the same brown paint on EVERYTHING, and I mean everything. Brown fence, brown siding, brown roof, brown garage…it was too much. The only relief from the brown explosion was the hunter green doors (I’m not crying, you’re crying.)


New roof, new fence, new paint, added DIY shutters, painted the front door. I mean we did all the “things.” In a perfect world we would have built up & added another story to the house, and even a front porch. At the end of the day we knew we only had four years here and from a resale standpoint it did not make sense financially.


Who doesn’t need multiple recliners and tv dinner trays? Am I right?!


Doesn’t it look so much brighter! First we painted out all the dark wood trim, doors, and fireplace (& by we…I mean me.) PAINT is a miracle worker. Amen.

The fireplace was one of my favorite DIYs in the Georgia house. I used Heat Spray Paint on the inside to achieve the black clean look and my go-to white paint color Origami White by SW for the stone.


New appliances, lighting, butcher block countertops, backsplash, & a few gallons of paint helped brighten this kitchen & everything was completely renovated by yours truly…& Joe…some haha. Joe actually helped remodel everything in this kitchen & together we really turned it around.

To save money we spray painted the kitchen pulls that were originally gold. The runner is from Target & I love that it runs the length of the cabinets, and isn’t only in front of the sink.


I love the light that comes in from this area of the house. If you look out the windows you can see a pretty view of the pool and mother-in-law suite in the back yard, but you would have never known due to the heavy drapes and curtains.


There was not one room in this house that I did not remove some form of wallpaper from. Painting out the trim and a neutral grey in this room helped tremendously. I also DIY the faux fireplace on the far wall. Hanging the curtains higher than the “true” tops of the windows also helped to make the room appear larger.


This is my favorite flip of the house. We purchased a buffet table from the local auction house in the area and converted it into our vanity. Joe cut the legs down to make it a reasonable height and we ordered the bowl sinks and faucets from Amazon. The rug placed in front of the soaked tub is also from target and another one of my favorites.

The tile flooring is from Lowes and was also a DIY project. We resurfaced the soaker tub, surrounding tiles, and shower with Bathworks restoration kit! I will recommend Bathworks kits for the rest of my life…their product is top notch seriously!

I could show you all before àafters for another 10 pages, but I think I’ll save some for the next blog post. Georgia house will have a special place in my heart! I keep photo albums with before & afters of all our houses we have lived in. I’d like to think I’ll show my children one day.

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