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One Room Challenge: Week Four -- Office Renovation

Welcome to week four – the half way mark of the ORC -- & what I would call the week some fun things start to happen.

Don’t get me wrong, popping the lid to the red paint color (Borscht) was definitely a highlight of this challenge, but I am ready for this wallpaper y’all! Before we can get into that beautiful Hygge & West (Diamante Gold) paper, I had to finish up paint in the office.

I believe I will add one last coat to the bookcase, that will make four coats total, and I am currently applying primer to the shelving downstairs on the dining room table. I have everything lined up so I can speed through applying all of the coats. Every night I apply one coat to the shelves, this way it doesn’t feel overwhelming.

Just for a change of pace I moved from the bookcase to the walls, mainly to avoid burnout. The walls in the office aren’t horrible in pictures, but in person they have many dings and nail holes. The bookcase and this wallpaper will be the star of the show, so I needed to keep the walls very neutral. I painted the walls and the trim work Alabaster by Sherwin Williams in the finish eggshell. I might go back over the baseboards in a gloss later, but for the first coat this will be fine.

Now that the room has a fresh new coat of white paint, we can finally apply the wallpaper to the ceiling. I would recommend a two or even three-man team when it comes to wallpapering the ceiling. I have done this once before in a friend’s salon. Wild Roots Hair Lounge has one of the coolest shampoo rooms around!

Unlike the wallpaper applied in the salon, my Hygge & West paper is not peel & Stick. It is a nice thick quality paste paper. I love this, but it will be much harder to get the paper to adhere and not peel away from the wall. Fingers crossed all goes well and I don’t end up divorced.

This week in stories I tried to add in some helpful paint tips:

1.) Always wrap your brush and roller in plastic (shopping bag or Ziplock) and keep in the refrigerator if you plan to use the next day.

2.) Paint quality goes a LONG way, if you are experiencing paint splatter it could boil down to the quality of the paint.

3.) If you are still experiencing paint splatter, make sure you are using the flat portion of the roller pan to roll off excess paint.

4.) Once you move your roller to the wall move it up and down SLOWLY the first few swipes to remove product before apply pressure.

5.) You can also use Pringles Chip Cans as roller savers as well, they are the perfect size and have a lid.

6.) You should never white knuckle your roller, if you find yourself apply a significant amount of pressure to the wall you don’t have enough paint on your roller.

7.) If you only paint randomly, buy a metal roller pan and allow the extra paint to dry onto the pan, you can peel the paint off later. Save money on the plastic inserts.

8.) Do you have a tiny bit of paint left in the gallon? Pour it into a water bottle to save it for touch-ups. Give it a good shake before use and it takes up less space on the shelf.

9.) Store paint INSIDE if possible. Paint can and will go bad in the elements.

Give me a follow-on Instagram and TikTok to stay up to date on projects and receive more in-depth tutorials! If you haven’t already, go check out the One Room Challenge website to see more amazing renovations!

In case you missed them, here are blog posts for Week One -- Week Two & Three.

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